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Ugh…another Monday morning.  Back to the grind of getting everyone up and out the door at crazy early o’clock.  Yesterday I neglected to follow my cardinal rule of prepping my outfit the night before – so I was a little frazzled this morning when it came time to get dressed.  My solution to this was to fall back on a look that never goes out of style – a  white oxford shirt and jeans.  Simple, timeless classics that I’m sure everyone has versions of in their wardrobe.  I tend to believe that the secret to making a look like this work well is in the details.  A nice leather belt, a couple of interesting pieces of jewelry and a proper bag make all the difference.

We’ve got a busy week ahead with a few appointments and a project of my son’s to complete.  I’m going to have to make every minute count today or I will quickly fall behind.  Hope every has a great start to their week!

WIWT - Elegant Classics with Accessories